Hydration Energy Definition and Trend in Periodic Table.

Your Questions: What is Hydration Energy Definition? What is the trend of Hydration energy in Periodic table.

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Hydration Energy Definition:

The hydration energy is the heat absorbed or evolved when one mole of gaseous ions dissolve in water to give an infinity dilute solution.


When one mole of gaseous hydrogen ions are dissolved in water resulting an infinity dilute solution, a large amount of heat is liberated.

On which factor Hydration energy depends upon?

Hydration energies highly depends upon charge to size ratio of the ions.

Variation Within Group:

Lets take an example from group IA, charge to size ratio decreases from top to bottom in a group. The hydration energy also decreases in the same fashion.

Variation across Period:

On the contrary, the hydration energy increases significantly by moving from left to right in a period as the charge to size ratio increases, as found in metal ions of third period.


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