Define Lipids, oils and fats.

In this topic you will find out the basics of Lipids, fats and oils and their physical properties. What are Triglycerides and its structural formula. The physical states of oils and fats.


Lipids are macro molecules made up of fatty acids.

Oils and Fats:

Lipids include oils and fats. Oils and fats are esters of long chain carboxylic (fatty) acids with glycerol.


These esters are made of three fatty acids, therefore they are called triglycerides. The general formula of triglycerides is as:


Physical Properties:

Oils at room temperature:

Oils exist in liquid form at room temperature. They are triglycerides of unsaturated fatty acids.

Fats at room temperature:

Fats exist in solid form at room temperature. They are triglycerides of saturated fatty acids.


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