Commercial uses of enzymes.

Enzymes are used for commercial scale for different purposes. Common types of enzymes and their role in industry is described as:

Uses of Enzymes:


Enzymes present in the yeast are commercially used for fermentation of molasses and starch to produce alcohol (Ethanol). These enzymes are diastase, invertase and zymase.

In detergents:

Microbial enzymes are used in detergents (Powder or liquid). Lipases decompose fats into more water soluble compounds. Amylase removes starch based stains. Cellulase degrades cellulose to glucose a water soluble compound.

Bacterial proteases break down protein stains on the clothes. Thus, enzymes containing detergents clean effectively and remove all stains and dirt.

For purification of fruit juices:

Enzymes are used for the purification of fruit juices. They are added to fruit that has been crushed like grapes. This increases the yeild of the juice extracted by removing suspended particles. It also improves the color derived from the fruit skins.

In Bread making:

Amylase enzymes are used in bread making because they can yield more starch of the flour. Even they are efficient enough to convert starch to sweet glucose syrup. This can be used as sweetener in the food as well as bread making.

To Increase sweetness of ice cream:

Lactase enzymes is used to increase sweetness in ice cream. As lactose in milk is broken down to galactose and glucose, which are sweeter than lactose.

In dairy industry:

In the dairy industry some enzymes are used for the production of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products while others are used to improve texture or flavors of the products.


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